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Grill Time, Chill Time

Summer is the time of year to dust-off and clean the grill that’s been sitting around the house waiting to be used. Although I love my grill pan to bits, using a proper grill is still a different experience especially when with good company. When the time comes to grill, we like to match it… Continue reading Grill Time, Chill Time

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Grill Masters

Night grilling works for us too. As part of trial, hubby grilled sausages and t’was a night of fatty, smokey, deliciously savory meat. No regrets on how much we ate. Our next grill challenge will include aubergine, bellpeppers, steak, and corn.

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Ice Ice Baby

Another summer post indeed. As part of the keep cool reminders, I have another way of keeping myself from exploding in this heat aside from adding extra shower times in my free days. If you remember my motivational posts for when I was cheerleading and still playing competitive volleyball? It’s basically the same trick. I… Continue reading Ice Ice Baby

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Pinterest Finds

This week has been quite sunny but also a bit chilly because of the wind. My friend and I have been leveling up our Asuras for a while and have progressed exploring the map and completing stories. However, gloomy days like yesterday¬†don’t turn out so well that I ended up browsing on Pinterest as I… Continue reading Pinterest Finds

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Since 1936

Going home to visit family means also looking through old photos and in my family it goes all the way back to 1936.

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Holidayers (Part 2)

Visiting Intramuros, it’s important to see how the Illustrados had lived in the Philippines at the time of Spanish colonization. There is so much to learn when visiting these locations and also a bit of middle school Philippine history refresher. Fun fact, the ceiling at the St. Agustin church is actually 3D painted and not… Continue reading Holidayers (Part 2)

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Holidayers (Part 1)

Fun in the sun. It’s summer time here in the Philippines and gawd are we enjoying it. I missed the sun and so did my skin which friends and family obviously said had gone pale. Time to add some color again.

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Bikini Ready Countdown

I am now counting the days until we finally leave for our deserved vacation and have our fun in the sun. I’ve been looking around Pinterest for some bikinis and sarongs to wear at the beaches and of course other summer wearables, gearing up for some chilling and relaxation. It’s time to chillax. Here are… Continue reading Bikini Ready Countdown

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All Blue

One Piece fans would understand the title of this post but beach lovers would understand my choice of nail color this season. In the end, both would have an understanding of this post. OPI’s Teal The Cows Come Home is the perfect shade of blue for this summer. I find it best worn without adding… Continue reading All Blue