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B2S: Snackbags & Water Bottles

The best class of the day, lunch time! This is the other bag I was referring to aside from the one that carries all your books and notebooks. It is important that it can carry your food, may or may not carry your water bottle, and is thermal especially for hot food. My favorite lunch… Continue reading B2S: Snackbags & Water Bottles

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B2S: Backpacks

When it comes to school bags, you get caught up with all the choices you have and then forgetting how much you’re actually going to fit-in the bag itself. If mom and/or dad isn’t around to remind you of that fact then you might get caught with that mistake. Don’t think you can carry more… Continue reading B2S: Backpacks

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B2S: Post-its

There is a variety of post its that you can use as a student in order to help you learn better and more efficient even while taking notes. They’re great for reminding yourself of important things or information that needs to be inserted in your notes. I think I first learned of what Post-It can… Continue reading B2S: Post-its

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B2S: Pencil Cases

Have you ever had that nervous feeling when you’re at the supplies store choosing your pencil case and bombarded with different designs that you can’t choose? A trick I’ve learned is that a transparent pencil case is the best. For one thing, there is no real design to get tired of. Another, it is acceptable… Continue reading B2S: Pencil Cases

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Back to School (B2S): What You’ll Need

Who’s going back to school? I for one am not going back any time soon but I still enjoy having to look through videos of what (if there are new) things that school gals and dudes should be looking out for as you’re going back to school. While I was looking through Coop a few… Continue reading Back to School (B2S): What You’ll Need

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Revising and cooking wasn’t so easy for me so I thought a casserole would be less of a hassle. Just pop it into the oven and let it boil. Surviving this week the best I can. What’s in it? Cheese Beef Milk Salt&Pepper Onions Garlic

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On the run

Yesterday was such a productive day, probably because I finally bought my very own Instax Mini 8. For those who are still looking to get one here in Switzerland, you can get it at M-electronics, MediaMarkt, or at Interdiscount. You still need to buy the film separately. If you want to buy the camera in… Continue reading On the run

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Fun Trip @ SRF

This quarter’s school trip I think is worth mentioning since not only did we enjoy our tour but we also learned a bit more about how the Swiss radio and television (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen) network operates. However, I can only mention for the television side because we were not able to tour the radio… Continue reading Fun Trip @ SRF

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Working as a Barista?

What are your experiences working in retail or in food and beverages?

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Presentations and Fussball

Friday was a long day and thank goodness it’s over. Eleven hours of the day was spent on presentations. The final ending a drink at the pub, soaking wet from the neverending rainshower and inescapable puddles of water. Could it have been the Friday 13th curse or was it just a coincidence? Despite our misfortunes,… Continue reading Presentations and Fussball