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Barbell, Push-Up and Plank

Another short workout routine that you can do yourself at the gym or at home. This wasn’t the whole session but I could already feel it after a few sets of these exercises. New elements are added almost every workout making it more challenging therefore more fulfilling in the end.  This time the barbell was… Continue reading Barbell, Push-Up and Plank

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Keep Breathing, Keep Moving

If it wasn’t for my trainer, I wouldn’t have been able to film this routine. To be honest, I haven’t played around with my phone that much to realize the basic effects and features it has for making and editing videos since I’m more caught up with photo taking and editing. Silly me but now… Continue reading Keep Breathing, Keep Moving

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Journey to Healthy

If you haven’t heard already, I’m trying to transition to a healthier lifestyle. This not only entails working out, which I’ve started a week ago thanks to the membership promo at the gym but it also means looking after eating habits. These two work hand-in-hand to help our bodies feel better and stronger. My food… Continue reading Journey to Healthy

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Hair Removal Routine

As part of our body care, we ladies have our┬áneeds especially when it comes to removing body hair. We go through this routine several times a year whether we do it at home or in hair-removal clinics. Although mine can hardly be seen┬ásince my hair is actually thin, it is still somewhat visible that I… Continue reading Hair Removal Routine