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Korean BBQ Experience @ Misoga

We finally got a chance to try the BBQ grill at the Korean restaurant, Misoga, which recently opened their second restaurant at Hegibachplatz. As the weather improves, it was imminent to experience Korean BBQ. SoGoGi was the main dish grilled which is basically marinated beef which you grill yourself or with assistance on your table.… Continue reading Korean BBQ Experience @ Misoga

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Kai Sushi Food Review

Still not over asian cuisine and I will never be. Here’s a food hotspot for sushi lovers in Zürich that serves traditional japanese cuisine with noticably fresh ingredients and wonderful craftsmnship of sushi masters. You’ll notice a massive order of sushi rolls in the inage below and none of them ceased to satisfy our tastebuds.… Continue reading Kai Sushi Food Review

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Yan Sushi and Wok Food Review

The best part about eating in this restaurant is the atmosphere wherein you actually feel like you’re in a chinese restaurant buffet and even better, the staff were friendly that it felt so much like home. It’s 30CHF per head additional 5CHF for drinks. There are two options which you can take advantage of. There’s… Continue reading Yan Sushi and Wok Food Review

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Misoga Food Review

A nice, little Korean restaurant hidden in the city of Zürich not far from the Kunsthaus is Misoga. Serving authentic, delicious homemade Korean dishes all the way from the Kimchi to the noodles. Unless you’ve been searching for Korean restaurant in Zürich, you won’t really find this place as it is located along the street… Continue reading Misoga Food Review

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Customer Feedback

When it comes to customer service (CS), I tend to have interesting stories to tell friends, knowing where I work but when I’m the customer tended on, I’m curious how I am in their eyes. Am I also another customer that the staff rolls their eyes on when they come? Am I the subject of… Continue reading Customer Feedback

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We deserve to have fun

We serve you but also serve ourselves, study, live, laugh and love. We work a lot but find time to enjoy life’s pleasures.

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Date night in Acqua Basilea

After weeks and weeks of scheduling, we finally found a chance to have a real date and it was amazing. I could re-play it in my head over and over again. If you live or are visiting Switzerland, try dining at Acqua Basilea or even just to have some drinks, the ambiance is a perfect fit. Located… Continue reading Date night in Acqua Basilea