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How to Optimize Meal Prep

If you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter, you probably have noticed quite a few meal prep posts that I published there. I’ve watched too many videos on Youtube from various vloggers to see the different style of meal prep they do. A fitness guru will have a very different meal plan to a… Continue reading How to Optimize Meal Prep

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Life Planner 2017 Set-Up

After the trials and errors of 2016, I can now move forward with an optimized, functional planner. Aesthetics still play a large role on how frequent I use my planners which is why I have three different planner organizers that allow me to see different designs as well as distinguish their different functions. I don’t… Continue reading Life Planner 2017 Set-Up

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How I Manage 3 Planners

Don’t you just love how Pinterest connects you to everything you want and can get while on a budget? Especially for me when it comes to planning since they’re free printables. If you don’t mind doing some work such as measuring, cutting, and hole punching them yourself then this style of planning may be for… Continue reading How I Manage 3 Planners

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The Bento Lunch Box

Leftovers are a great money saving source since you no longer need to buy food on the little time you have to spend to eat and rest as well as knowing it is homemade. The meal in the photo above is much more simplified since it’s only vegetable stir fry and pork but you get… Continue reading The Bento Lunch Box

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B2S: Agendas/Planners

One of my best friends isn’t human. In fact, it’s a life planner. It keeps me in check with everything that happens in my life that I just cannot for the life of me trust my memory with. As I’ve said about notebooks, when I work hard on something I keep using it because what’s… Continue reading B2S: Agendas/Planners

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Make Up Reorganization

Yes, it’s that time of the year wherein I have a need to let go of what I don’t have a use for anymore or that aren’t good anymore. I don’t really have a lot of make up, they just tend to accumulate even when I don’t use them anymore but I still know which… Continue reading Make Up Reorganization

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Life Planner

This is probably the 3rd planner since the beginning of this year that I’ve started using but I think I’m sticking to this one since I’ve personalized it to my liking. What could be better than something I made myself? Every time I look for ready-to-use planners in stores I find it more difficult to… Continue reading Life Planner


Travel Guide: Makeup kit

(I do not own copyrights to this photo) Another dilemma that we face rise from the questions What makeup products do we bring? and How much do we need to bring? I admit that I don’t have mounds of makeup products but it’s still a lot that I cant bring all of them with me on my trip.… Continue reading Travel Guide: Makeup kit