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Making Gym Memberships Worth It

If you’re like me and ended up getting a gym membership thinking that because you paid for it that you’re most likely to workout, you’ll find out sooner or later that is not always the case and if you opted for the year option or even more then it’s time to get up and keep… Continue reading Making Gym Memberships Worth It

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Challenge Yourself with a Powerbag

Last session’s workout focused on abs and legs using the Powerbag and the Treadmill. It’s one thing to repeat a movement but it’s different and I find more rewarding when exercising with added weight. My endurance is still not so great but it is getting better since I know I can actually run longer than… Continue reading Challenge Yourself with a Powerbag

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Fitness Glam | Trainer & Body Jam

Finally got a chances to take some photos while training and as you can see, I still have quite a way to go but not long before we leave for our vacation in february. What is glamorous about fitness? Is it the sparkle and shine you get from sweating? Is it about wearing Athleisure outfits?… Continue reading Fitness Glam | Trainer & Body Jam

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Build. Don’t break.

Remember that no matter how much crap they throw at you, you can always use it against them as a form of retaliation.

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Today’s Motivational Quote

Grabbed this image/quotr from Pinterest and thought it’s worth sharing. Comparing your own struggles and difficulties to something you see almost everyday. Happy weekend everyone 🙂

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Motivational Sunday

Coming home after church really feels different but refreshing compared to going to work right after.

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Quote of the Day (QOTD)

Every adventure requires a first step.


– The Cheshire Cat

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Don’t forget to love yourself. -Soren Kierkegaard

Monday isn’t the only day for motivational quotes. Here’s motivational Friday for you. Enjoy it.

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I solemnly swear that I am up to snacking healthy

It’s been sunny and sometimes rainy but it’s very rarely now that showers come. The time has come for me to monitor what and how much I/we eat. There is no way I’m giving up meat. I’m a sworn Omnivore, therefore meat is a part of my dietary needs. Foodie Goal: More of – salads… Continue reading I solemnly swear that I am up to snacking healthy

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To dreamers,

Dream big and make them come true no matter the hardships you must face.