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Selecting a Workout Program for Weight Loss and Back Spasms

There are just too many workout programs out there promising desirable effects. However, failing to look at your specific needs do not optimize the workout necessary to reach your goal. I know for myself that excess visceral fat is a big problem but not all exercises help since I also have back problems that spasm… Continue reading Selecting a Workout Program for Weight Loss and Back Spasms

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How to Optimize Meal Prep

If you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter, you probably have noticed quite a few meal prep posts that I published there. I’ve watched too many videos on Youtube from various vloggers to see the different style of meal prep they do. A fitness guru will have a very different meal plan to a… Continue reading How to Optimize Meal Prep

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Easy Meal Prep | Cheesy Egg Cups

There are lots of meal preps out there that make use of the muffin tin. Definitely thinking outside of the box and not limiting yourself to baking only muffins with it. This recipe is quite versatile as it uses basic ingredients and is flexible enough for you to add more or take off ingredients as… Continue reading Easy Meal Prep | Cheesy Egg Cups

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The Bento Lunch Box

Leftovers are a great money saving source since you no longer need to buy food on the little time you have to spend to eat and rest as well as knowing it is homemade. The meal in the photo above is much more simplified since it’s only vegetable stir fry and pork but you get… Continue reading The Bento Lunch Box