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To Color and to What Color? ¦ Questions to ask yourself before you decide

So you’re thinking of changing your hair color? It is the next step after changing your hairstyle and it can be a quite a big step as well. The last time I had my hair colored, I was 15 years old and it was still a more neutral color. However, my hair dried-up immediately and… Continue reading To Color and to What Color? ¦ Questions to ask yourself before you decide

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Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Review

The first day of screening in Switzerland luckily landed on my birthday with the sun shinning bright and the breeze was cool and fresh. There was an option to watch it in 3D but it was showing only in German at Arena Cinemas which was a shame after seeing the transitions that would have been… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Review

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The Blair Inside

My last post got me thinking about Gossip Girl after comparing it to the set up of Monster High. I don’t know about you ladies but my favorite was Blair Waldorf’s style and personality. Looks like a nice girl on the outside but capable of dark and evil. Let’s focus on the style part of… Continue reading The Blair Inside

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Different Ways to Style Short Hair

First of all, I would like to say that I do not regret having my hair cut really short. I do miss the length since I had more to play around with but I’ve had to be creative as well as resourceful in order to style the new length I have. If little me (picture… Continue reading Different Ways to Style Short Hair

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Trick or Treat? Makeup


Travel Guide: Packing your accessories

(I do not own copyrights to this photo) Frustrated about how your necklaces and bracelets end up all tangled together? Well here’s how you can prevent that from happening. First, I strongly suggest that you don’t bring tons of accessories because you won’t even be able to use all of them. It’s better to select… Continue reading Travel Guide: Packing your accessories


Travel Guide: Makeup kit

(I do not own copyrights to this photo) Another dilemma that we face rise from the questions What makeup products do we bring? and How much do we need to bring? I admit that I don’t have mounds of makeup products but it’s still a lot that I cant bring all of them with me on my trip.… Continue reading Travel Guide: Makeup kit


Travel Guide: Bathroom essentials

Ready Freddy. (I do not own copyrights to this photo) Not everyone packs the same things or has the same needs when it comes to bath products. This post is then specific to my bag, which might give you an idea on what you can put in yours. Here’s a list of my bathroom products… Continue reading Travel Guide: Bathroom essentials


Travel Guide: Packing your suitcase

Packing dilemma. (I do not own copyrights to this photo) Getting ready to travel to a tropical paradise? Recently, I have been asked by friends about what to bring when going on a summer getaway and how to make sure they all fit in their suitcases. This is where the phrase Been there, done that comes… Continue reading Travel Guide: Packing your suitcase

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Finding the bright side

My sister had me and my boyfriend watch this video with no particular reason attached. So while watching it I thought it was just a random music video she found and liked the music because I did like the music. This video is not just a music video, it helps raise awareness of people who… Continue reading Finding the bright side