New blog home!!!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here but I have been quite busy with life after uni and now towards the end of my masters while working. However, I am not ready to move on to my next project which is vlogging (video blogging) and hoping you to join me on my new… Continue reading New blog home!!!

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Vapiano Food Review

Something I realized was that I often eat at Vapiano’s but haven’t even talked about it here on the blog. Therefore this post will be exactly that. The concept of Vapiano is that they cook your order of salad, pasta, risotto or pizza before you look for a table. You’re given a card that will… Continue reading Vapiano Food Review

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Misoga Food Review

A nice, little Korean restaurant hidden in the city of Zürich not far from the Kunsthaus is Misoga. Serving authentic, delicious homemade Korean dishes all the way from the Kimchi to the noodles. Unless you’ve been searching for Korean restaurant in Zürich, you won’t really find this place as it is located along the street… Continue reading Misoga Food Review

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The Butcher Food Review

This place really does follow it’s motto, “Healthy as fuck”. At first we had a bit of difficulty trying to get inside because we didn’t really want to eat outside. We went down to the side only to find a locked door and then back up to ask how to get into the restaurant. After… Continue reading The Butcher Food Review

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Vior Monday Madness Food Review

It has been a while since we’ve continued our food discovery in Zürich but I think I am beginning to understand why it’s rare for us to go out to dine at all. Working in the food service industry does put a toll on our budgeting mostly for going out into town, which is why… Continue reading Vior Monday Madness Food Review