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Yellow Curry with Pork and Lentils

The rain really got to me so it was another soup-based dinner option for us. High-liquid and high-fiber meals are always best to keep yourself fuller for longer which is great if you’re looking to lose weight like me. My portion is 1/4 c lentils, 1 c curry soup and a ladel of the solid… Continue reading Yellow Curry with Pork and Lentils

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Quinoa Crust Chicken Nuggets

Unlike the high saturated fat version of chicken, this recipe allows you to enjoy the delights of the savory finger food, chicken nuggets. A much healthier alternative as Hubby pointed out while I was cooking after figuring out I was actually making the nuggets from scratch. What’s in it: Cooked quinoa, 2 c Boneless and… Continue reading Quinoa Crust Chicken Nuggets

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Sweet & Spicy Seafood Salad

The trip to Manila is coming soon and I couldn’t help but have my dose of seafood. Still looking at the health benefits of my food though which is why it’s filled dominantly with veggies. If you’re looking to lose weight like I am then stick to salad plates that are easilly tweaked. What’s in… Continue reading Sweet & Spicy Seafood Salad

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Slow Cooker Filipino Chicken Soup (Arroz Caldo)

When you’re sick and can’t really move enough to cook your own meal but have a slow cooker then you’re in luck. There is no suffering since you’ll be leaving it in the slow cooker until it’s ready to eat. What’s in it: Rice, 4 c Water, 7-8 c Fish sauce, 2 tbsp Chicken wings,… Continue reading Slow Cooker Filipino Chicken Soup (Arroz Caldo)

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Pan-Fried Salmon

It’s not a very heavy meal however filling. Savory and overall yummy that this dish ceases to fail. I like to have fish every now and then but it isn’t really possible to get it fresh that often here in Switzerland. What’s in it: Salmon fillet Ribbon pasta Salad Pepper Olive oil Lemon juice Rub… Continue reading Pan-Fried Salmon

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Barbell, Push-Up and Plank

Another short workout routine that you can do yourself at the gym or at home. This wasn’t the whole session but I could already feel it after a few sets of these exercises. New elements are added almost every workout making it more challenging therefore more fulfilling in the end.  This time the barbell was… Continue reading Barbell, Push-Up and Plank

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Baked Chicken Teriyaki

Had a craving for teriyaki as I haven’t made it for a while and no regrets here. It was great and even better than I remember since I last made it. It is very simple and very easy to make at home. Since I’m not using boneless chicken, I find it easier to bake it… Continue reading Baked Chicken Teriyaki