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The Bento Lunch Box

Leftovers are a great money saving source since you no longer need to buy food on the little time you have to spend to eat and rest as well as knowing it is homemade. The meal in the photo above is much more simplified since it’s only vegetable stir fry and pork but you get… Continue reading The Bento Lunch Box

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Misoga Food Review

A nice, little Korean restaurant hidden in the city of Zürich not far from the Kunsthaus is Misoga. Serving authentic, delicious homemade Korean dishes all the way from the Kimchi to the noodles. Unless you’ve been searching for Korean restaurant in Zürich, you won’t really find this place as it is located along the street… Continue reading Misoga Food Review

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Mythos Food Review

Hello again and finally another review for you dear foodies. I have another food point to share in this post which I am very happy to introduce because it was a wonderful surprise like a rabbit coming out of a magician’s hat. Hubby and I were craving for Greek food but picky me wanted it to… Continue reading Mythos Food Review

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Verona Travels

We managed to squeeze a day trip to Verona while on our holiday in Milan. Aproximately an hour and 20 minutes travel time with the train and a quick 10 minute bus ride from Verona Porta Nuova railway station to the city center where just like in my Milano Travels post, everything is situated so… Continue reading Verona Travels

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PWM: March-April

I don’t know if you guys would like it but I’m going to start recording “Plan with Me” videos on Youtube for those of you who have a thing for planning and organizing with flare. If you like these blog posts versions then I’ll keep them coming but to just let you know that you… Continue reading PWM: March-April

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Unlearning and Retraining

In many posts that I’ve published, I’ve mostly talked about self training but as the saying goes, “Sharing is caring.” What about sharing your knowledge to others who could find it really useful? What I’m covering in this post is how to efficiently train others in order to improve output. In this case, I am… Continue reading Unlearning and Retraining

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Erin Condren Life Planner Unboxing

It finally came and I was so happy to see a pink box waiting for me at home. No, today wasn’t a rough day but it was both frustrating and exciting to check on the delivery status of the planner. UPS was fast with this one despite the fact that I didn’t opt for the… Continue reading Erin Condren Life Planner Unboxing

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Mabuhay Philippines!

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The Double Lifestyle

I cannot believe I am actually blogging on our holiday but coming home makes  me think about living in Switzerland compared to living in the Philippines. Both places have their pros and cons but like any relationship you accept them as they are. It’s been at least 6 years since my family moved to Switzerland… Continue reading The Double Lifestyle

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The Blair Inside

My last post got me thinking about Gossip Girl after comparing it to the set up of Monster High. I don’t know about you ladies but my favorite was Blair Waldorf’s style and personality. Looks like a nice girl on the outside but capable of dark and evil. Let’s focus on the style part of… Continue reading The Blair Inside