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Selecting a Workout Program for Weight Loss and Back Spasms

There are just too many workout programs out there promising desirable effects. However, failing to look at your specific needs do not optimize the workout necessary to reach your goal. I know for myself that excess visceral fat is a big problem but not all exercises help since I also have back problems that spasm… Continue reading Selecting a Workout Program for Weight Loss and Back Spasms

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Making Gym Memberships Worth It

If you’re like me and ended up getting a gym membership thinking that because you paid for it that you’re most likely to workout, you’ll find out sooner or later that is not always the case and if you opted for the year option or even more then it’s time to get up and keep… Continue reading Making Gym Memberships Worth It

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Overnight Oats

While walking around town, my bestie and I came across an organic store hidden in one of the alleys in the old town of Zürich. Of course we went in to check it since both of our households have changed diets. Apart from the organic coconut oil and honey (image below), I also got a… Continue reading Overnight Oats

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Barbell, Push-Up and Plank

Another short workout routine that you can do yourself at the gym or at home. This wasn’t the whole session but I could already feel it after a few sets of these exercises. New elements are added almost every workout making it more challenging therefore more fulfilling in the end.  This time the barbell was… Continue reading Barbell, Push-Up and Plank

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Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are simply the best for someone who doesn’t really have breakfast like me. It has the vitamins, the nutrients, the fibers and protein to help get you through the morning until lunch time comes. Even then, you’re able to control how much you’ll be eating at lunch. As you can see in the image… Continue reading Banana Smoothie

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Keep Breathing, Keep Moving

If it wasn’t for my trainer, I wouldn’t have been able to film this routine. To be honest, I haven’t played around with my phone that much to realize the basic effects and features it has for making and editing videos since I’m more caught up with photo taking and editing. Silly me but now… Continue reading Keep Breathing, Keep Moving

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What’s in My Gym Bag?

Once upon a long time ago, I published a post called My Workout Essentials. It was a great post, I thought. Time passed and my essentials changed. Just like any other fitness story, my needs and goals changed. What I once kept is forgotten or upgraded changing me for the better. Oftentimes I’m in a… Continue reading What’s in My Gym Bag?

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Mixed Salad Bowl

Buying a bag of mixed salad allows me to have two portions which means two meals for me before the expiration. Sometimes salads can taste bitter hence the need for sauce but I often don’t get that when I buy them from Migros or Coop. After washing them properly, only a drizzle of french dressing… Continue reading Mixed Salad Bowl

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Challenge Yourself with a Powerbag

Last session’s workout focused on abs and legs using the Powerbag and the Treadmill. It’s one thing to repeat a movement but it’s different and I find more rewarding when exercising with added weight. My endurance is still not so great but it is getting better since I know I can actually run longer than… Continue reading Challenge Yourself with a Powerbag

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Muesli Breakfast Bowl

It must be at least 2 years since I last had muesli and upon watching dozens of youtube videos showing variations, I actually absorbed as much information to find the right breakfast bowl formula for me. Soaking the muesli is very important for digestion which is why I leave it soaking overnight especially when I’m… Continue reading Muesli Breakfast Bowl