Selecting a Workout Program for Weight Loss and Back Spasms


There are just too many workout programs out there promising desirable effects. However, failing to look at your specific needs do not optimize the workout necessary to reach your goal. I know for myself that excess visceral fat is a big problem but not all exercises help since I also have back problems that spasm more than often enough to the point that it caused my sleeping disorder which resulted into restless nights and exhausting myself to help knock myself out. Sometime pushing or pushing too hard isn’t what we need but a pull.

AntiGravity (Back Spasms)


An aerial fitness using a silk hammock hanging from the ceiling and guided by the instructor through a series of yoga, Pilates, and ballet poses and motions. It follows the concept of zero-compression inversions, a form of spinal decompression wherein you hang upside-down with the support of the hammock at the waist. The pull of gravity may decompress the joints of the body.


Usually, I have back spasms during my strength training which isn’t good at all because it could get worse. However, the few days passed after the class, there was barely a back issue nor during my next strength training session which was surprising but I found it more manageable than usual.

Cardio and Strength Training (Weight Loss)


The beauty of cardio and strength training is that not only can you combine them but that you have the option not to use any gym equipment at all. You only need your own body weight and some space to do the exercises. To make them more challenging, you could use resistance bands, weights (alt: books, water bottles), a jump rope, etc… The options are almost endless but make it simple. Warm up by jogging either in place or outside for 15 minutes. Do three different exercises in a round and repeat 2-3 times.

If you do end up going to the gym and use the machines, make sure to ask how to use them properly to avoid injury. Use the treadmill for 15 minutes to warm up before starting your rounds. As with home workout, do three different exercises in a round and repeat 2-3 times. Don’t forget to stretch at the end of your workout as it will help reduce muscle fatigue.


To end this post, I would like to emphasize that although working out regularly helps with your fitness goals, it is best to keep in mind that food is a really big factor that can make or break your goal. Check out my meal prep post to see how to optimize your cooking time to help manage your week that will allow you to make time to workout as well.

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