Grill Time, Chill Time

Summer is the time of year to dust-off and clean the grill that’s been sitting around the house waiting to be used. Although I love my grill pan to bits, using a proper grill is still a different experience especially when with good company. When the time comes to grill, we like to match it with a nice, cool beer which for me happens to be Somersby’s red rhubarb beer since I like it more on the fruity-side. I find the best way to grill veggies are on sticks since it makes it easier to turn them and I like the habit of eating them on sticks as well.

For any meat that you grill, the best way to add flavor is by using salt and pepper to season it. It is simple and basic but very important when it comes to grilling. Taking it up a level would be to add herbs as well and lightly glaze with olive oil to avoid the skin from sticking to the grill. Red meat will have varying cooking times so figure out first how long which meat you’re grilling takes to cook. The last thing you’ll need is an unpleasant time in the bathroom while the sun sets.

What’s on the menu?

  • Fish (season with salt, pepper, dried herbs)
  • Mushrooms (unseasoned)
  • Steak (season with salt, pepper, dried herbs)

There are more drinks to pair with grilled food that help keep you feel refreshed. Non-alcoholic beverage options are chilled (spa) water, freshly fruit juices, sodas like sprite or coke, iced brewed tea. A few alcoholic beverage options other than beer could be gin & tonic, citrus cocktails, and even fruit punch with added alcohol like whisky. It could be a dinner for two or for a group of friends. For big groups, it’s best to plan how much food you need, what meats and veggies are they likely to consume, the beverage choices, and desert like fruits on skewers. You can suggest on your invitations that your guests can bring food as well like starters or snacks or even beverages, most importantly the ice. These are little ideas to get your grill party organized and planned to run smoothly by itself so that you can enjoy the party yourself.

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