Making Gym Memberships Worth It

If you’re like me and ended up getting a gym membership thinking that because you paid for it that you’re most likely to workout, you’ll find out sooner or later that is not always the case and if you opted for the year option or even more then it’s time to get up and keep you from wasting the investment on your life. If you’re not sure about training alone and if personal trainers are still too expensive for your budget then try the classes offered by your gym. They tend to be free, at least here in Switzerland they are, which makes it easier to get started on jumping on the fitness wagon. Try out as many as you like and stick to the ones you’re happy with.

I spent my week off from work not on a holiday but on trying out these classes which is what I call the Fitness Class Shopping. I read the gym informations on each class and eliminated the ones I either felt extremely intimidated with and made a list of the ones I was really curious to try and think I would be happy to do regularly. I tried each class spread across the week which won’t always have the same instructor which is also why you should try the same classes on different days because you might prefer one instructor than the other. Keep in mind that you are adding not more than two hours of gym time on workout/fitness days as you know already from yourself what are daily duties you need to accomplish such grocery shopping, house/apartment cleaning, cooking, and of course travel time from home to work to the gym. These are factors that can hinder ourselves from going to gym that we already paid membership fees for. Make it worth it.

Sometimes a day is loaded with classes that you may want to take, depending on your schedule it would be better not to fill up one day with too many classes. My maximum is two classes per day like Pilates and BodyArt in one day or BodyShape and TRX Express on another and two rest days. This is my maximum but maybe you can do more than me. Spread the classes across the week and if you don’t know how far you can push your body at the beginning, go at your own pace and adjust according to your body’s capabilities. What you wouldn’t want is an injury for pushing your body too hard. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice my posts have focused more on fitness and health as I approved the classes I want to take on my days off which means I won’t be in the gym five days a week and I don’t spend more than two hours there either. Keep in mind that these classes are what you will be including in your weekly schedule minimum once a week per class if it fits your work schedule. Don’t forget to include rest days are they are very important. Unless you’re a Terminator, your body will need those rest days as it is still a functioning human body that have varying needs.

This post is merely mean’t to help you optimize a routine to set for yourself and by no means is it a most to do so. However, if you had made the investment of registering in a gym membership then have look at the benefits provided by the gym such as fitness classes that you may like. It is a good starting point if you’re unsure of whether or not you can workout by yourself with the equipment. Incorporate some exercises from the classes into yours that you think you can do by yourself on other days that you do want to workout alone. Hopefully this guide helps you sort out the gym membership expense and makes it worth it in the end not only financially but health-wise as well. I am not by any means forcing you into a gym memberships just to discover the delights of fringe benefits but I am directly talking to those of you who have already signed up but haven’t had the motivation to go. It is a lack of motivation that we come up with excuses not to go and this is one way of solving that issue. Fitness can be fun and not tedious, yes you must workout a certain amount of time per day or week (accumulated workout hours).

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