Yan Sushi and Wok Food Review

The best part about eating in this restaurant is the atmosphere wherein you actually feel like you’re in a chinese restaurant buffet and even better, the staff were friendly that it felt so much like home. It’s 30CHF per head additional 5CHF for drinks. There are two options which you can take advantage of. There’s a regular buffet wherein you can grab any cooked dish you like including soup and desert. On another side of the bar are fresh ingredients that can be cooked according to the sauce you want from a list they provide to choose from like szechuan and curry for example. I was a bit more choosy and ask if they can make satay sauce even if it isn’t on the menu and only if they have the ingredients in stock to make it.

Just like any buffet you’ve been, you must prepare to save your hunger to eat more than a meal to makd it worth the fee. We went back 3x to the bar to try everything they had available which was awesome and watching them cook our special dishes which they also serve to your table if you don’t want to wait and watch. There’s also plain rice available if you don’t want to have fried rice (but why not?) and/or noodles but ofciurse we had all of them anyway. How else will you know you like or don’t like the food if you don’t try them in the first place, right? There different sesting arrangementd that accomodate the amount of people in your group, including the swivel top table. It’s not just the food but also the overall experience that makes it great to dine at Yan’s.

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