To Color and to What Color? ¦ Questions to ask yourself before you decide

PhotoGrid_1492679724189So you’re thinking of changing your hair color? It is the next step after changing your hairstyle and it can be a quite a big step as well. The last time I had my hair colored, I was 15 years old and it was still a more neutral color. However, my hair dried-up immediately and it took a while to get it back into a healthy and normal state.

Not all experiences need to be like that as I’ve learned when I finally said yes. I made my pros and cons list just like in any other relationship and my heart outweighed the cons by a landslide. All that was left to do was figure out what color and where to have it done because a vision can only go so far. Here’s a head’s up, for my naturally black hair to turn purple it took 6 hours. Yes it is a long process of sitting down, chatting with your hairdresser, and also crossing your fingers that it turns out right.

Q1: Is it acceptable at the place I work or go to school?20170419_104659

This is a very important question because as I said earlier it will take time and don’t forget that you are paying for it in the end. If you’re not sure then check the policies first because the last thing you need is a killjoy raining on your parade and telling you that you need to change it back.

Q2: What color/shade complements my skin tone?

The internet is filled with wonderful and scattered ideas. You can go as adventurous as I did or play it safe and choose from various shades of brown or blonde. Consider your skin tone when you choose because it should complement your face. Darker skin tones would probably have limited choices as to how colorful their hair can be to suit their faces and fairer skin tones may have more which will also be difficult to narrow down. It really is a matter of choosing shades. During the process of going from dark to bright hair, we realized that lighter hair colors still suit me although I was afraid of my skin being a bit too dark which is what I thought growing up. Perhaps not blonde but the rose gold shade was perfect that I was tempted to leave it at that.

Q3: Double Process 20170419_102925Color or Highlights/Lowlights?

You still have the option of having highlights instead of fully coloring your hair. Only sections of your hair are colored. It isn’t a complete dedication to hair coloring but it is a baby step to get there until you are comfortable.

If you’re really dead set on completely coloring your hair then you’ll need to think about the coverage. Ombré is trendy and if you really like it then go for it, trendy or not.

Q4: Who will color my hair?

Depending on what needs to be done for your hair, I suggest having a coiffure do it for you as they would know best how to treat your hair. This time my hair didn’t dry-up but soft and bouncy which I found out was because of a treatment they used in the process. Very important since you wouldn’t want to look like you’re wearing a wig in the end.

In the end, it is your hair and you are free to do what you will. These are just some of the questions that popped in my head in my hair coloring decision-making process. I hope you found this post helpful in your hairstyle adventures.


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