Bagoong Fried Rice

A typical pinoy breakfast is sinangag which is usually a day-old cooked rice stir-fried with lots of garlic. I decided to step it up with adding scallions and bagoong (shrimp paste). Our version is a sauteed shrimp paste which can be found in asian grocery stores with bottles labelled with Ginisang Bagoong. 

What’s in it:

  • Bagoong, 1 1/2 Tbsp
  • Rice, 2 c
  • Egg
  • Garlic, 7 cloves (crushed)
  • Scallions

You can also make your rice fresh, just let it cool before frying it in the pan. Stir fry the garlic until browned. Add the scallions, bagoong, and rice. Fry and mix well. Transfer on a plate and wipe of the pan and cook an egg into a sunny side up. Now you’re good to go.

You’ll notice that if you taste the shrimp paste by itself, it’ll be salty and sweet on it’s own. Therefore, there won’t be any need for salt or soy sauce. You can also get the spicy bagoong if you want an extra kick. This dish is absolutely flavorful and you can go even further and have it with meat and veggies as well.

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