Keep Breathing, Keep Moving

If it wasn’t for my trainer, I wouldn’t have been able to film this routine. To be honest, I haven’t played around with my phone that much to realize the basic effects and features it has for making and editing videos since I’m more caught up with photo taking and editing. Silly me but now I can take advantage of it and post more short video collages of my workout routines.

This is the first session I’ve worked out after an early shift. I was worried I would to tired from thd shift that the session would be ruined but it had the exact opposite effect. I was looking forward to working out more and more every hour that passed. I even ended up timing when I ate and how much so that I wouldn’t get a belly ache later on.
If you watch each clip by itself, you may think it looks easy and maybe it is for you but my thighs were burning and my hips were crying. Nevertheless, it’s a great lower body workout doing two sets of ten reps each and you’re good to go.

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