What’s in My Gym Bag?

Once upon a long time ago, I published a post called My Workout Essentials. It was a great post, I thought. Time passed and my essentials changed. Just like any other fitness story, my needs and goals changed. What I once kept is forgotten or upgraded changing me for the better. Oftentimes I’m in a hurry which is why I have things I keep in my gym bag and are only used for the gym.

Keep in mind that this set up is for a normal workout day which I schedule when I don’t have to work. Otherwise, I would be bringing other stuff along like another bag, my life planner and everything else I would need the rest of the day depending on what else I need to do. I will always have my smartphone, headset/earphones, and wallet with me no matter what bag I use hence I no longer need to add these into the list.

The Gym Bag20170123_164830.jpg





Water Bottle & Makeup Bag


Lotions (hand, body)


Shampoo & Soap


Source: Garnier


Yves Rocher: Shower Gel – Clementine & Spices



Nivea: Invisible for Black & White Clear Spray

Change of Clothes


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