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Challenge Yourself with a Powerbag

Last session’s workout focused on abs and legs using the Powerbag and the Treadmill. It’s one thing to repeat a movement but it’s different and I find more rewarding when exercising with added weight. My endurance is still not so great but it is getting better since I know I can actually run longer than when I started regardless of the fact that I smoke.

The exercises were basically sit ups, treadmill walk at an incline, squats, and lunges. All while carrying the Powerbag. Eventually, I felt my thighs start to burn during lunges, and my abs crying from the sit ups. Imagine, you’re no longer carrying your own weight but lifting a bag of books (depending on the weight of the Powerbag you’re using) on top of what you find a basic exercise.

I really like adding another element to workout sessions because it keeps me from getting bored of the repetition and that comes very easily with me. I also like to try different equipment appropriate for my needs of course and start to use them when I work out by myself. If you’re like me then I suggest challenging yourself with a Powerbag.


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