Fitness Glam | Trainer & Body Jam

Finally got a chances to take some photos while training and as you can see, I still have quite a way to go but not long before we leave for our vacation in february. What is glamorous about fitness? Is it the sparkle and shine you get from sweating? Is it about wearing Athleisure outfits? Not necessarilly but the second is always an option even if you’re not working out and is stylish in its own right.

I’m trying to keep my resolution and have opted for having a fitness trainer and pairing it with Body Jam sessions. This means I exercise at least for 3 hours in the week in the gym and if I still want some light workouts, I can do similar exercises at home but not as extensive. It’s been two weeks now and I haven’t missed a workout session so far.

Silhouette has been a go-to fitness center for my friends and even workmates that I didn’t know until I told them I enrolled for the membership there. It must be fate 😂 I was given positive feedbacks. Also, it is in close proximity to where I live which is way better than the last one I went to and I get to train with the same trainer provided by the gym.

Why workout with a trainer?

Maybe you don’t need it but I lack the self motivation to go to the gym and workout. Maria, my trainer, first checked what I was lacking in terms of health, my current lifestyle, work, and my goals for working out. All the answers were at the back of my head already since I first did the trial session as they were the deciding factors of whether or not I wanted to go for it.

Why join group exercises?

Not all group sessions are for me either but a dance group is another thing. You might videos of me here and there on Youtube dancing in my previous school events which I enjoyed the most when it came to working out. Dance makes me feel free and with a group, it looks great when you see in the mirror the synchronized moves and everyone is working harder and turning red as I do in every session. We laugh, we cheer, and feel the burn and heat from the choreography while moving to the beat of the music.

I am hoping that I stick to this membership this time as it would be a shame to lose what I’ve just seen as micro improvements in terms of energy, back pain, and even self-motivation. I hope you guys liked this post and wishing you an awesome day 💋

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