Life Planner 2017 Set-Up

After the trials and errors of 2016, I can now move forward with an optimized, functional planner. Aesthetics still play a large role on how frequent I use my planners which is why I have three different planner organizers that allow me to see different designs as well as distinguish their different functions. I don’t know about you but I am pretty obsessed with lists and every planner I use will have lists in them so don’t be surprised, I am giving you a fair warning before you continue to read this post.

I’ve migrated from the ECLP about a half year ago to an organizer because of its flexibility. I didn’t like having to many white spaces because I couldn’t really fill those days with my 3-Planner System. I gave up on decorating it because it did take a lot of time which I didn’t really have because I’m too much of a busy bee and I typically need fast and to-the-point. Let me show what I’ve been doing in the last month.

Life Planner (Bullet Journal) – Perforated Leather Binder from PaperPenStickery

I used the whole month of December as a trial period to see whether or not BuJo works for me and surprisingly I have planned every day and have been completing majority of my tasks. What I like most about it is that I don’t waste any paper because I can simply write in the same page until I need a new leaf. It is very practical but of course I tweaked it a bit. Instead of using an index, I have already categorized my pages using dividers, using washi tape to decorate my pages, and not forgetting post its for misc. lists that I’m not sure at the time where it would fall under. Once I started, it really was a brain dump but I’ve adjusted it to be an organized mess.
Work Planner (Horizontal Layout) – Starbucks Planner 2017 by Moleskine

Many thanks to mom and sis for getting the planner for me and mailing it end of November last year. I managed to plan my work schedules and using the notes pages, I can make lists on heavier work days that need more details spelled out. I love that it already comes with a pouch and it is even designed with the famous siren that we have come to know Starbucks for. It also comes with an erasable pen which I find really easy to write with and has dark ink which I like in most pens I use.
School Planner – Gold Leather Binder from PaperPenStickery

This planner doesn’t revolve around dates but instead tasks per day that I need to do school work since I don’t go to school every day. For every assignment or project, it has its own list page which outlines what I need to do for that specific project or homework. I work with my laptop for anything I need to submit in school but it doesn’t stop me to take notes by hand. However, note-taking in my system is really about jotting down an idea that pops up in my head while doing something but want to develop that thought later. If I need to draw something like a logo, web page design, or even diagrams for group works then I have it ready as a copy of what I see in my head while I try to execute it using the laptop.
As you can see, I lead three different lives that require different systems. Maybe it is weird to use different planners and different systems but I do find it productive for myself but I also use productivity apps on my smartphone for when I don’t bring my planners with me which I can expound in another post. I hope this post helps you decide what set up works best for you and what your really need from a planner.


    1. Haha I can imagine readers gasping in surprise 😲 as it may seem overwhelming but as you said they serve a purpose which means I only take with me what I need for the day. I use apps as well on my phone which I will elaborate in another post why and how it works hand-in-hand with my planner system. Thanks for stopping by on my blog ❤

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  1. Love your post! Great ideas and pictures!!! I also have 2 planners for different planning. One is for daily weekly school stuff and the other is for bills and finance saving. I don’t reach for the bill/finance stuff that often so I separated it into its own planner. No need to carry around extra weight in my bag.

    I tried clicking the purchase links but they don’t work. 😦 I love the peach planner and really want one too! 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry about the links. I’ll have a look at them again and get back to you. Thank you for your lovely comment and letting me know and good thinking about separating what you seldom reach for. I know very well about the weight planners can get 😂


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