Break Time!

This post isn’t going to be like the others wherein I share with you what I cooked that stimulates your taste buds and tickles your bellies. It isn’t a rant either but a reflection and I haven’t done this for a while.

I spent the day doing a deep clean at home and gave myself a nice reward at the end. Hot chocolate and biscuits while under the covers watching Sense and Sensibility. There was still time until Hubby got home and what I planned to cook didn’t take long to make anyway.

I am definitely that type of person who sees any spare time as an opportunity to do something productive like light cleaning or reorganizing something. I do find myself relaxed after but when I think about it I don’t think I’m really relaxing while doing it.

Rethinking what I consider relaxing and after this instance of me time that I had the urge to have, I believe I should change what I do or don’t do. The guilt I felt from even thinking of going online to play GW2 or to simply watch disappeared. It doesn’t feel wrong anymore.

I realize that there will always be something productive I can do because there’s always something left for the next day but there should always be some well-deserved me time that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

If ever you feel like you can’t sit still or think it isn’t time yet to reward yourself, you can book a massage or something new that you’ve been thinking of trying or doing but put off because of housekeeping or take-home work. Set aside an hour to rewind and you may feel more productive or even in a better mood than before.

We’re human and need a break once in a while.


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