Oven-Baked Potato Chips

I’m getting better and better at putting words into action especially with food. I watch how-to videos and realize how easy they can be to make at home. The downfall was always time and willpower but as you’ve seen in my food posts, I’ve gotten off of my lazy butt and actually cooked the recipes on my list.

I can now check off homemade chips from my list and I must tell you how surprised I am at how they turned out. It’s way better than store bought chips (IMO) and healthier unless you go crazy with the seasoning of course.

It took 30-40mins to make and they were crispy as ever. I was able to make more than what would normally come in a bag of chips since I was able to use up all 3 medium-sized potatoes. Honestly, if you’re on a diet but allowed to have some carbs then definitely try it out. Season with some olive oil to add more depth to the flavor and wow yourself with your own cheffing skills 😉

And don’t forget the dip!


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