How I Manage 3 Planners

Don’t you just love how Pinterest connects you to everything you want and can get while on a budget? Especially for me when it comes to planning since they’re free printables. If you don’t mind doing some work such as measuring, cutting, and hole punching them yourself then this style of planning may be for you.

As long as you have a printer, paper, cardstock, washi, and other deco materials then you’re good to go. There’s a lot of decent inserts allover the internet and it isn’t that difficult to find. You merely have to choose, save and print which you could do weekly and only at the expense of time rather than money.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop and I do love the things I find on Etsy as well but I am on a very tight budget wherein bills must be paid and money must be saved. That is why I opt for this method as opposed to purchasing and it does take some willpower 😂 and yes I really need to say that because it’s the truth for me.

Another reason I like it is because just like decorating my planner, it gives me a soothing and relaxing feeling. The time it takes may not ne long but it is enough for a little me time before I begin with what’s planned for the day.

I am using now 3 planners (erin condren, filofax, starbucks planner) and I have a system that works out on which I use for what and when. This means I lengthen that chillax time I was talking about. If ever you happen to do the same or similar or still thinking whether or not to continue purchasing your planner equipment then think about it again after reading this because it really does help knowing that there’s more out there that’s worth discovering.

Have a great day everyone! ❤ 


  1. I love planners. I have found what works best for me are simple card-stock/ 3×5 cards to write my note and such down and file them in a small box. One day I may pick up a planner. There are so many wonderful ones out there. Perhaps your post has inspired me to change things up a bit and go with a planner. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I’m glad my post inspired you to consider using one but remember that in the end it depends on what type organizational system works best for you. Perhaps a bullet style using the Midori would work if you tend to file notes. A simple but efficient way to see reminders and tasks.


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