Tea Tasting and Boba

Since our new Teavana tea assortment is coming out, we’ve had to get a head start on what to expect. This required some reading using the manual just like we would our coffee master journey and of course a tea tasting to get the full experience.

Comparing the taste of a white and green tea and also looking at the differences of what we will be serving compared to a store bought tea. It’s quite exciting and a great way to learn more about tea and appreciate the different flavors despite knowing they’re made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.

I surprised partners and guests with a homemade bubble tea also known as Boba which is traditionally a frothy milk tea with tapioca pearls served hot or cold. Another variation is a fruit-based Boba. It originates from Taiwan which was popularized first in the east and southeast asia and has been well recieved globally in the US, Canada and Europe.

I’m looking forward to trying more of our new teas and doing more tastings with my store team and coaching coffee masters in doing the same.

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