The Bento Lunch Box

Leftovers are a great money saving source since you no longer need to buy food on the little time you have to spend to eat and rest as well as knowing it is homemade.

The meal in the photo above is much more simplified since it’s only vegetable stir fry and pork but you get the gist. A bento box has compartments to store different types of food to bring to work or school.

When I have less food to bring then I take the cylindrical version or when I have soup I take the bento like in the photo below which has stainless steel that maintains the heat until my break comes. All these types of bento come very handy and easy to store in our oh-so-little fridge as they don’t take up space.

I have been a fan of meal prep since I grew up with these kinds of lunchboxes and oftentimes they came with a thermal bag to keep the food warm longer and had even more compartents to store a bottle and eating utensils.

If you’re looking to change your spending even in the little way or controlling what you eat in a day then bento boxes can help you in your meal preps as well.

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