Lumpiang Shanghai (Spring Rolls)


Another first for me is making these awesome spring rolls. Looking for the wrapper around town wasn’t difficult since you could also find it at Coop. To my luck, the ground meat was Aktion and of course I got more than I thought I would be getting. However, I needed some more stuff like sauces and what not from the asian store, and so that’s what I did out of convenience.

I packed the lumpia with lots and lots of minced meat and onions. After beating just one egg, I used it to seal the tip of the roll. In order to maximize the quantity of rolls made, I sliced the wrapper in half, diagonally. From there, you merely need to roll once and then fold the sides inward to secure the sides looking like an envelope. Continue to roll until you reach the tip of the wrapper and securing it like you would an envelope using the egg batter spreading inside and outside the tip.

I’ve seen other ways of folding these wrappers but I felt that this method was much more useful since it allowed me to make more in the long run without having to use an entire square sheet for just one piece. As you can see, it kept its hold and it was crispy on the outside while juicy and meaty on the inside. As for sauces I kept it simple with the bottled sauces I got from the asian store, UFC banana ketchup (sweet and spicy) and Mang Tomas all-purpose sauce (sweet and tangy). This dish is a delight and a hit in the household.

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