I ❤ Grilling

After a quick trip yesterday, I opted to grilling as it required me to use only one pan after preparing everything such as slicing and seasoning. Easy to do and almost heavenly to eat. As you can see I even managed to add tomatoes into this dish because of how fatty the meat are.

There’s nothing like a grilled dinner after a burning hot day to calm your nerves. It was seriously hot af and I can’t imagine going back to the heat of Manila without an ac on. I felt the wicked witch of the east melting away.

Then there was the train ride back wherein everyone waa packed like sardines and the ac not even working. Thank goodness I had my tiny bottle of white flower smelling thingy to calm my queesiness.

How could I not have thought of comfort food after such an uncomfortable day? Anyhow, that’s all the ranting I wanted to get out and now as if my silent prayer has been answered it’s raining and it feels nice and cool.


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