Chicken Curry

Been in a chicken mood lately. I’m suprised I haven’t started growing feathers. However, this dish is special given that it’s my grandmother’s recipe and I’m doing my best to keep her cooking legacy alive.

Curry just like soup can have anything and everything unless you really want to go for a type of origin like Thai, Malaysian, Indian, etc… And they all depend on the ingredients you use.

Philippines isn’t really known for curry but we do have our own basic that I’ve grown up with, Bicol Express and Chicken Curry. My idea of a curry is that it is a soup containing coconut milk, vegetables, meat and spices. Close enough?

The one I made contains aubergine, chicken thighs and legs (the bones add more flavor), onions, chili, coconut milk, sugar, salt and pepper.

Pretty simple with the ingredients available but what takes this dish to the next level is fryimg the chicken with the onions first in order for the meat itself to have it’s own flavor despite the heavyness of the soup and then leaving it for at least an hour to allow the ingredients to blend. Serve with steaming buttered garlic rice.


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