Beef Lettuce Wrap & Spicy Tofu Soup

In our line of work, it’s pretty much easy to get sick from our constant contact with guests. I’m not saying I caught anything but I did quickly wash my hands after serving a man consistently sneezing while ordering with his son and I had my colleague use a new whip cream dispenser because the son was sneezing directly at it. I couldn’t let go of how unsanitary it was that they didn’t cover their noses or went to the bathroom first and stack up on tissues.

As a means of prevention, I made a nice spicy and sour asian soup with tofu. The best part about eating spicy food is that they can make you sweat and help get rid of the toxins in your body.

The beef lettuce wraps serve the same purpose as I cooked the beef with chili but toned it down a bit with brown sugar as I caramelized the onions and mixed them together. Remember that leafy greens are good for you? It’s the perfect combo. You’re not only delighting yourself with food but also treating your body.

If you have a similar line of work as mine, or tried a healthy and slightly medicinal meal, feel free to share in the comments down below.

‘Til next time ✌

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  1. Sounds so yummy! I think this would be perfect for the winter, too. Would love to know the recipe for the soup! 🙂 I blog about health and wellness as well over at 🙂


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