Vapiano Food Review

Something I realized was that I often eat at Vapiano’s but haven’t even talked about it here on the blog. Therefore this post will be exactly that.

The concept of Vapiano is that they cook your order of salad, pasta, risotto or pizza before you look for a table. You’re given a card that will keep a record of what you ordered to use at the counter before leaving.

Pasta has been a go-to for me and they have the portions prepared in paperbags ready to use. You can always add extra stuff like bacon, cheese, etc… however, don’t think you get them for free because there are those who think they do as they get asked if they would like it with so and so. 

They have a variation of iced teas to choose from that taste less sweeter and more refreshing because of the fruity content. Don’t worry about the tangyness because it is a balanced flavor.

Today was a nice Sunday brunch at the Bellevue branch and we sat at the Terrasse  enjoying the warmth of the sun. But the Sihlcity branch always appears to be more energetic and lively because of the staff there. Maybe it’s just me but if ever you’re in Zürich, go ahead and try it out. Enjoy!

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