Fried Chicken & Quinoa

Hubby and I are a foodie duo that may not survive a meal that has no meat. Sure we sacrifice having vegetables but our carnivorous lifestyle calls for red, savory meat.

We pinoys love our fried chicken and I think I’m getting there. Dry-rub chicken with mixed spices and flour and then fry it until the skin browns. Bake it with tomatoes and onions until the chicken itself is fully cooked.

Be ready for the burst of flavors gushing in your mouth from the sourness of fresh tomatoes and the sweetness of the onions, the smokeyness from pepper and the saltiness of rock salt.

The quinoa compliments the chicken because although there is no seasoning, it balances the flavor that allows you to rediscover such an excitement with food, bite after bite.

It’s a dish that tickles your palette at a moment’s notice. 

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