Spiesli & Couscous

It was just another day at work until I got a whiff of my workmate’s lunch which happened to be the couscous prepared by her boyfriend. After trying it, she gave me tips and tricks that I could do as it is now an alternative to rice.

Probably the most basic is to have it with veggies like zucchini and tomato as I’ve done in the photo but you could also use sausages, bacon bits and other vegetables that give you the feeling of freshness like cucumber, bellpepper and even raddish.

Another component is the seasoning. Salt and pepper of course but never forget garlic and onions. Use olive oil or butter to make it smoother and let the flavors blend. You do have the option to use thicker sauces like tomato sauce for pasta however, it does overwhelm the dish over all and I feel that the appreciation of the couscous is lost in all the heaviness of such sauces.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely combo for dinner after a trying day at work. Looking forward to try other combinations in the future.

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