Misoga Food Review

A nice, little Korean restaurant hidden in the city of Zürich not far from the Kunsthaus is Misoga. Serving authentic, delicious homemade Korean dishes all the way from the Kimchi to the noodles. Unless you’ve been searching for Korean restaurant in Zürich, you won’t really find this place as it is located along the street walking from the museum towards Sprecherstrasse. But it is worth visiting and trying out.


Merely ordering an appetizer and main course each felt like eating at a buffet. What I used to find difficult was using Korean chopsticks since they always slipped from my grip was no longer a problem that this time I conquered it. The food was tasty and if you order one of the grilled dishes, they’ll do it on your table. Dinner with a show? Yes please!


Do you know the differences of Chinese, Japanese and Korean chopsticks? I find it quite interesting how it may not exactly be a form of art but it is part of their history and cultural development. Reading the article, Differences Between Japanese, Chinese and Korean Chopsticksgives a short but insightful gist of their contrasting features and their purposes. One thing’s for sure, I’m a fan of the Japanese chopsticks whether or not I use them for eating just because I get caught up with all of their intricate designs. I can’t help myself although I can resist the cute, baby pinkness of the Hello Kitty themed chopsticks… I think.


Cute but maybe when I have a baby girl then I’ll consider it as a staple at home. Even the bowls of the restaurant awed me, well not necessarilly awed but I’ve been looking at similar ones in Yumi Hana for a while, thinking about whether or not to get the ceremonial bowl for whenever I have my matcha green tea but I don’t even bring my whisk with me to work anymore unless I leave one there and just get another one for home use. However, I will be needing to replace our broken dishes anyway so it’s decided that this will be the next theme.

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