Mythos Food Review

Hello again and finally another review for you dear foodies. I have another food point to share in this post which I am very happy to introduce because it was a wonderful surprise like a rabbit coming out of a magician’s hat. Hubby and I were craving for Greek food but picky me wanted it to be close-to-authentic. Not that I would know a lot about it but the last time I ate at a Greek restaurant was back in the Philippines that was owned by a Greek expat who used his family’s recipes for the menu but enough to know what I’m looking for.


After checking Google Maps factoring price, travel time, and food range, it wasn’t a bad steal at all. Just the right price range for the amount of food that we got. It was so good and we were so stuffed. We shared an assorted meat platter, fries with melted feta cheese, hummus and pita. The place started to fill up even though we had our dinner reservation set at 8 and it’s not surprising at all given the food quality. The place itself is rather small and can get tight but if you don’t mind that and get easily distracted by the food itself anyway, then you’ll enjoy it.

I highly recommend trying Mythos whenever you’re out and about in Zürich because it’s not just worth a try but worth coming back to. That is what we’re gonna do as it is now a part of our go-to places to eat for date nights.

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