The Butcher Food Review

This place really does follow it’s motto, “Healthy as fuck”. At first we had a bit of difficulty trying to get inside because we didn’t really want to eat outside. We went down to the side only to find a locked door and then back up to ask how to get into the restaurant. After asking one of the servers who came out, he led us as if in a tour and we found ourselves in one of the best burger places to dine in.

Hubby and I order the Cheese and Bacon Burger with a side of fries and a Ceasar Salad with Shrimp to start. As per usual, I had a house iced tea and hubby ordered a bottle of Quöllfrisch Naturtrüb which I found better than most beers we’ve had.

Apparently I am not a fan of Emmentaler cheese and cucumber in my burgers. The combination doesn’t do well for my taste but the patty itself was juicy and perfectly cooked to a medium. However, the soft bun didn’t hold the burger so well and was sweet(?) for some reason. The fries were sweet as well but that was because of the paprika they used to season it.

Everything else was great such as the ambiance, the service and the overall look of the place despite being a burger joint. Although it is not the number 1 burger place for us, I can still see us coming back to try the other burgers on their menu like the Eggplant Burger and Goat Cheese Burger which triggered my curiosity.

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