I have been exploring Japanese Cuisine that are easy enough to make at home and it wasn’t bad for a first try. I deep-fried salmon, sweet potatoes, and cabbage in an improvised deep fryer and paired it with buttered rice sprinkled with crushed nori. It was satisfying given that butter emphasizes the flavors of the I spices I used with the cornstarch to coat the fish including the lemon juice layer. I used hoisin sauce as a dipping sauce for the salmon because the sweetness of the sauce combined with citrus note was a match the also emphasized the freshness despite being deep-fried.

We may not be going to Japan any time soon but this is a good teaser and we’re looking forward to going around and trying their local specialties.

What’s in it:
– Salmon
– Lemon juice
– Salt & pepper
– Cornstarch
– Vegetable cooking oil (2-3 c depending on the size of your pot just to cover the pieces entirely)
– Cabbage
– Sweet potatoes
– Rice
– Butter
– Nori

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