PWM: March-April


I don’t know if you guys would like it but I’m going to start recording “Plan with Me” videos on Youtube for those of you who have a thing for planning and organizing with flare. If you like these blog posts versions then I’ll keep them coming but to just let you know that you could also subscribe to my videos as it comes.


I was happy to receive my planner stickers from PlannerPrintsCo and DookPlookDesigns but it did take quite a while to get here which would have been the same amount of time it would take for the shops in the US to send them to me as well sooooo I may need to rethink buying stickers at all and I already made my own to cover the last two weeks of March. At least there were a few days of the month going into April that I could still use the March kit and save the rest and start using the April kit.

As you can see, I actually left white spaces this time unlike in the past two weeks that every box had a sticker completely covering it. The more I used my planner with the stickers, I saw what I needed the most depending on the days and the stickers I have. They similar such that I used checklists every day but not all are full boxes. I used less checklists on the side bar but instead used a full box sticker to cover the blank spaces that I wouldn’t use anyway.

I merely followed the theme itself but I may change it up for the next week so that it wouldn’t be monochromatic as the entire week will be in purple. So far I haven’t laid out anything else that isn’t permanent except for work days, cleaning day, laundry day and one event. The lists on my sidebar basically focuses what I would need to get (Grocery) that is a staple and is running low like garbage bags, toilet paper, or something like that. The other two lists are for my blog and Instagram that I don’t need a specific day to post it but will do whenever I can within the week.

The rest I believe are self-explanatory such as meals and TV but soon I’ll be adding ‘production day’, ‘shipping day’, and ‘video edit’ stickers as I open up shop in May. Yes planneraddicts! Opening up soon and if you’re living in continental Europe or even in the UK and Ireland, you can stop by my shop on Etsy and browse for your planner goodies. I have a spent an enormous amount of my time to prepare everything for you guys and I’m looking forward to meeting you and I hope you’ll like my work. Until then, have a great day everyone!

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