Birthday Wishes

Not that I want to look greedy but there are a fair few wishes I would like to make.

1. Celebrating with my family
2. Having time to chill out with friends
3. Make my family proud of my successes and accomplishments

There’s just so much to thank for, all the blessings I received. I’m not sure if you guys feel the same way I do but I have feelings wherein all the good that has come to me I should also give back in return. Like favors I suppose.

When someone does something for me that I don’t expect, it breaks my heart and I have a lingering feeling in my system that says “Hey! Don’t be selfish, give something back”. It even broke my heart when my mom said that she owes me a birthday present. I responded saying that she didn’t have to, just as long as she remembers that she gave birth to me on that day and I can only imagine the struggle that was since she says I was such a healthy baby.

However, it’s not only then that I give. It might also be a family thing but every time I have a holiday and I visit another country, I bring back presents not just for friends but even for my workmates. I alot time towards the end of trips to go shopping and actually spend time thinking about whether or not it’s something they would like.

Some, like my mom and sis I’ve already thought ahead and so their presents will be shipped to the Philippines whereas Hubby’s presents I find a challenge. We give each other 3 presents, sort of symbolic(?) for “I love you”. Those 3 little words that mean so much. We’re not so similar which is what makes it difficult to buy stuff for him. Treating him for a birthday dinner is one but it has to be a place that he finds special. The second is something he can use like when I got him his One Piece labeled beer mug. The third is something he’s thought about that I’ve caught but he wouldn’t get it himself but if someone gave it to him wouldn’t matter if he needed it or not because I see that joy in his teared-up eyes like the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Statue Jacob Frye 33cm. (12in.)

I find that birthdays aren’t for me but like Christmas is also about giving. Although I didn’t get exactly what I wanted for my birthday, yes I still have wants :p but I had something even better. Hubby and I went to a Thermalbad in the city. We had dinner at Rüsterei and although I don’t have photos to show because of the lighting that evening, the food they serve was both savory and filling. What came just before my birthday is the couple Zippo lighter you saw in the featured photo that says “Together” in one and “Forever” in the other. Sweet! Simple yet memorable. I hope you guys are having a great week so far.



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