Planner Stickers & Dashboard +ECLP Coupon!


As I’ve mentioned in my last post about using stickers for my planner, I have made my orders for functional stickers and while waiting I actually made my own kit which didn’t even take me so much time to do and ready to tweak in a new file for the next.


The photo above shows the first one I printed and used, there are still imperfections from my trying to use my paper trimmer and scissors to cut them off of the A4 sheet. I learned the hard way when to cut them with what because of how they would be peeled.


The second one (image above) turned really great especially when I layed it out on my planner. As I was laying them out and no longer focusing on the quality of the print considering size and color but that there was something else I needed but didn’t consider until the moment came.


I needed a freaking dashboard (image below) not for post-its because that’s what I use the back of my cover for but for “To-be-confirmed” dates that I still couldn’t write permanently and didn’t want to leave sticky notes on a fixed layout. I ended up making one for myself since I’m also trying out making covers and dashboards. I don’t really want my planner to be any more chunky than it already is which I find great (probably because I ‘feel’ like that’s the weight of what I do and accomplish, if that makes any sense) but also unnecessary because I don’t really want to pull it out in front of a friend just to put in a notice so I’m not really carrying a lot of sticky notes.


The next challenge is for me to print out deco stickers using the transparent paper I got which I hope goes well then the only thing missing will be my own Silhouette Portrait that I will invest in my journey to spread the planner love. Once I get everything covered then I can have the shop up and running, ready to take your orders.

You can also click here to get a $10.00 coupon to use for your purchase at and don’t forget, this coupon expires in 30 days so get them while you still can :*

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