Erin Condren Life Planner Unboxing


It finally came and I was so happy to see a pink box waiting for me at home. No, today wasn’t a rough day but it was both frustrating and exciting to check on the delivery status of the planner. UPS was fast with this one despite the fact that I didn’t opt for the express shipping.


I love my planners just as much as I love planning. It’s about my life that I can see what I have done, about to do, and can do. I have a lot on my plate which I am looking forward to. Surprises in store for you dear readers. As you follow my life journey, you’ll see such a jump in my life as it progresses and I’m looking forward to share them with you as they come.


Now let’s get unboxing! I ordered my ECLP with the 20% off promo and was happy to find the complimentary Wellness Journal and Compliment Cards. What the planner comes with initially are the stickers, both labelled and blank, functional stickers, a mini calendar inserted in a sleeve and a clear, zipper pouch.


I ordered the vertical layout as you can see and it comes with a monthly view as well as the year at a glance. There are two pages reserved for goals and unfortunately I filled them up without realizing I haven’t taken a photo of it and I can’t really share everything at the moment as they are my targets for the year. What I did do was write down each goal and put the time frame it would take me to get there based on the programs I’m following which could span from 3 months to a year.


I have already ordered functional stickers and decorative stickers as I am planning to use/make printables instead of ordering everything online because importing them to Switzerland gets pricey. I’m getting my own pack of sticker paper and print out checklists, full boxes, and half boxes. I will probably get myself a sticker book/holder from the paper store or the kids section of a toy store as I will be accumulating them 😉


Last but not least, I don’t know about you guys but having my first ECLP overwhelms me with the possibilities of showing creativity. As I said, I find it pricey to have to order stuff and have it shipped to Switzerland (just check it yourself and watch a $3 or $5 mini kit turn into 20CHF final price in a second). I felt like my heart sank to the core of the Earth. It isn’t catastrophic, but I did want to get some deco stickers because they were ah-dorable and the Washi tapes also cost a lot plus I’ve finished half of my stock.

So I’ve looked around youtube for videos (nod and smile if you did as well as a first timer and or even until now) and hail youtube! I love the Planner Community for their ideas in terms of designing, decorating, planning methods, and especially the hacking methods of InspiredBlush. If you want to decorate and plan like Elle Fowler or Selena but on a tight budget, you may wanna check her video which I’ve linked to her name above.

Happy planning everyone!

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