Monster High + Ever After High

Who would’ve thought Mondays would be so hectic? Funny I should ask but even if I made a plan for the shift, it won’t really help if there are 1-2 people missing at the beginning. It almost felt like a Sunday shift wherein everything has to be improvised although it still wouldn’t work.

Work aside, I’m going out on a limb here but I’ve been watching both Ever After High and Monster High. In need to escape from the ridiculous encounters I have at work. Ever since I saw the dolls at the toy store, I got curious it’s been on my mind. You may think I’m too old to watch this stuff but who cares?

Ever After High


The story features the teenage kids of the fairy tale characters attending a boarding school at Fairy Tale World. Both royals and rebels under one roof, the reason for the divide itself being that the royals embrace their destinies and therefore want to follow through with it but the rebels who support Raven want to create their own destinies instead.

My favorite character is Madeline ‘Maddie’ Hatter, Mad Hatter’s daughter. Although she is perfectly content with her own destiny, she still sides with Raven who is also her bff because she herself believes that everyone should be able to make their own choices. I love all colors popping out of her wardrobe and her sidekick pet mouse, Earl Grey.


Monster High


Unlike Ever After High, the obvious setting is not very fairytale-like. The characters’ personalities come on very strong which I think Kitty Cheshire would probably fit in as well if she were to transfer. It does not show the exclusivity as in Ever After High but it does show a bit more something like the scheming like that of Gossip Girl. They even have their own version called Ghostly Gossip run by  Spectra Vondergeist. If you’re a GG fan then you’ll find this webisode amusing.

My favorite character is none other than Cleo de Nile, daughter of the Mummy. Surprised? She’s tough and bold on the outside but has a heart of gold. Definitely a mean girl in public with the attitude à la Blair Waldorf ruling her high school kingdom.


What I would like from Mattel is that they make official episodes. Every webisode has a great storyline. I hope they lengthen the episodes and add more content because I am curious about how both web series ends. The Spring Unsprung movie of Ever After High is a must-see for those who haven’t.

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