Here Comes Santa Clause | PS4 Unboxing


Hubby gave me my first 2 Christmas presents. A PS4 and The Witcher 3. Since he’s been away back in the army because of their required annual refresher, he thought that leaving me home alone would require some sort of compensation for his absence.


While his first 2 presents are still wrapped and await him for the day itself, we started playing Pirate Warriors 3 together. One Piece is one of the animes we both love and so it was a must to get it the same day we got the console itself.


One of the many things I love to do with my hubby when staying in our nest on a day off is playing video games together or me playing GW2 while he uses his Xbox One.

I am not necessarily converting to console gaming but I need to send my notebook for repair and so my GW2 days are slightly on hold until I can get myself an actual gaming PC or my notebook fixed, whichever comes first.

Wish your lazy days as much fun and more.

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