B2S: Agendas/Planners

One of my best friends isn’t human. In fact, it’s a life planner. It keeps me in check with everything that happens in my life that I just cannot for the life of me trust my memory with. As I’ve said about notebooks, when I work hard on something I keep using it because what’s the sense in wasting something I spent so much effort on? Here are a few ideas from the Life Planner community to get you started.

First of all, what do you need your planner to help you with? I like the layout of the Erin Condren vertical planners because I prefer making lists and have no idea what to do with the empty space that I haven’t written anything on.

agenda_verticalThe horizontal version I guess you can say is a default because every time I looked at planners, they came out with a horizontal layout. In order for me to completely fill out the spaces, I would probably have to write big letters or something like that.


After choosing which layout suits you best, you can follow the decorating scheme I mentioned in my post about notebooks. What you probably don’t know yet is that you can also personalize your agenda’s individual pages. Some do it weekly especially because of holidays or you do it monthly like I do because I can only find a day out of my entire month to actually spice it up and simply fill it in as my schedule’s complete and finalized.

Make your planner SPARKLE

  •  Washi Tape


  • Stickers


As you can see what you’ll really need for decorating your planner are two things that you will want to think about a theme and pattern before buying them. My decision-making with washi’s wasn’t easy because I liked most of the designs but I don’t really need all of them because I already know I won’t be using them much. It’s the same with stickers. You can look around Etsy for printable stickers to use for decorating. I can get more from there than I would here or if you do it like me, print out images that you like and can find from the internet and print it out yourself, cut then paste or use a double-sided tape.

My life planner is large because it has a small envelope pocket for my to-do stickers, pen, loose important papers, and a large sticky note pad. Another reason is because I don’t really have a standard dashboard for my sticky notes but I use the default one that came with a set I got from Coop (I think) and from a local papeterie here in Zürich. I printed out the weekly pages myself and use the vertical layout since I find it most useful when I plan my week. My planner is organized according to weekly schedules, orders, blog posts and ideas, and meal plans. To my relief, it isn’t chunky nor is it heavy.

I wish you luck on your life planning endeavors.

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