B2S: Notebooks

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this series, I have a preference for notebooks when it comes to learning. I find that I learn better when I actually write down my notes. Also, it helps me to learn to write faster in the event of tests and exams wherein you have a time limit to answer them completely. There are two options for those who prefer this mode of note taking.

  1. Classic Notebook


You can choose between a glue-bound notebook or a spiral-bound notebook. Choose the size that best suits your writing and readability, if certain classes require you to draw diagrams and other factors such as your own way of organizing your notes while note-taking.

2. Binders and Notepads


It’s pretty easy to organize according notes, homeworks, tests and quizzes. You can even add on to whatever was initially missing and not have to look for it how many pages after when studying if you’re really bugged by that hassle. Every binder does get thicker throughout the year which is why you will actually need a thicker binder than the one in the photo. A tip for those who prefer binders, you can bring one binder/folder to carry around for the whole day. Make sure that you have your homework for the day and the notes of your last session just in case the teacher wants to revisit the topic before moving on. If you have a locker then it’s not really a problem because you can keep your subject binders there until your next class, given that you have enough time to get them.

Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s personalize our stuff. I love it when my bff’s and I see each other on the first day of school and talk about our summer holiday. I would bring with me a pre-designed notebook but what I found was clever and even better was what Nicolette did. She actually decorated her notebooks AND books herself. She used art paper and plastic cover to decorate and protect the covers of her notebooks and books.

To do your own DIY covers, here are a few videos to give you some ideas from the community itself.

Print Out:

Tumblr Notebook:

Cut and Paste:



Use as much as you can imagine and let it sparkle. I think that the more you work hard on something, the more motivated are you in using it, or something like that 😉

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