Terminator Genisys Movie Review

And so here we are again for another movie review. To be honest, I was nervous about the outcome of this film since I’ve lost faith because of its degeneration seeing the last two films. However, I was not disappointed but still have some comments on a few bothering scenes.

Terminator Genisys to me is like an updated Terminator disregarding the sequels. Think Jurassic World disregarding the sequels. Although a few scenes at the beginning for reference and I think a bit of a nostalgic feeling when we see a T-1000 in a police uniform just like in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It respects the changes of a timeline once the past has been changed creating a new one that follows. The magic of Sarah and Kyle’s chemistry in Terminator is non-existent at the beginning of this film since they both now have different personalities in comparison to the first movie’s version of Sarah and Kyle.

Sarah is now the mother of a dragon. She not only raised John to be a fighter and leader of the resistance but TG Sarah’s own alternate timeline shows that she grew up orphaned at the age of 9, trained and raised by Pops to eliminate robots come when they may. Well, come when his database’s current stored information including Kyle’s arrival which allowed Sarah and Pops to save him before the T-1000 could kill him. Sarah is no longer the uninformed and untrained waitress that we knew from the first movie and neither are her experiences the same in any way. She is prepared, strong, brave, and in control.

We didn’t know much about Kyle’s background other than knowing how he is connected to John and Sarah. He has been an important component of one timeline but following his time travel we see a bit more about a Kyle Reese as this one acquires memories of another Kyle Reese from an alternate timeline. He already explained in the introduction of the film how he was born post-Judgment Day but according to these memories he gained, he was able to experience living in a world without a war with machines and the land was green. As his mission changes upon arrival, so does his attitude. At least he adapts to the situation.

Pops, a T-800 sent to protect Sarah has somewhat developed human emotions suggested by the saved photos, jukebox, and drawings of her and Pops growing up. If you missed that then you may have caught it towards the end when he told Kyle “Protect my Sarah.” His effort to smile and actually use certain phrases used in appropriate situations shows the effectiveness of her teaching him to “blend-in” with humans. His skin and hair definitely aged but as he said “not obsolete”.


  1. One of the best parts about this movie was the relationship between Pops and Sarah. Also…the fact they bought Kyle’s Nike’s back 😍🙊 X~O


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