Homemade Vs. Instant Noodle Soup


As I am bedridden for a few days, I have resorted to working on my notebook and catching up on my anime’s while simultaneously sleeping every now and then. Since last night, all I could do was lie down and entertain myself and I really couldn’t stand it. I really need to move but I can’t as I’m supposed to keep my right leg raised. Since my current predicament renders me somewhat immobile, I am switching to eating easy to prepare foods that Hubby is able to help me with. One of which is Noodle Soup.

I like making my own noodle soup at home instead of eating the ready-to-eat instant noodles also available in the grocery. I don’t really find the preparation and cooking to be any longer and it tastes better. I could add real chicken, beef, or shrimp bits if I wanted to. I could also make it more hot, add more spice while cooking and actually taste it. Whatever vegetables like Bok Choy for example that I want to add that goes with this soup, I do.

I understand that it may not be a staple for my readers but rather it serves as rainy day or emergency food that is easy to make simply by boiling water, add it, wait, and eat. Not to mention, there are no pots to clean after and whatnot if you had been using a plastic fork.  With all that said, eat it the way you want it but this is an option that you may try at home one day.

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