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Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Pre-Purchase


I installed and started playing my pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, which I bought from Softridge and admittedly I’m relieved to have gotten it since I did not really enjoy the beta test as much.

As much as I wanted to try out my character’s weapons and skill sets, I found it difficult to merely practice on the spot because of my numerous deaths and to work in groups in areas wherein you may be lucky while exploring but other than that you must go to your nearest waypoint because nobody was around to revive you and defeat all the spiders for example by themselves.


I am still able to play in areas with varying levels with my revenant and actually learn more what weapons I’m most likely to use or combine and just like my Guardian, it is as if I have fallen in love with the hammer once more.


Some missions are a bit difficult and tricky like the one in the screenshot here wherein I think all the players died but more came eventually to revive us and we managed to finish it.


These screenshots I took are actually from when you’ve installed the pre-purchase already and you start up the game as an introduction. I have yet to continue and learn more about my character and actually get used to playing with her. At times she seems to die too quickly in some missions but there’s more to come. Just taking it easy for now.






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